Tips for Maintaining Your Freezer in Biloxi

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Tips for Maintaining Your Freezer in Biloxi

Your freezer plays a crucial role in your home. Whether it’s used to hold the Thanksgiving Turkey or to hold your frozen treats like popsicles and ice cream, this means you want to treat it right for years to come.

 Keep reading for tips for finding out what you can do to maintain this appliance and avoid calling a professional in Biloxi to fix the appliance for you.

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Keep it at the Right Temperature

This is the main tip to pay attention to in this article. If you want your freezer to be in service for many years, the most vital thing you must do is keep it at the right temperature. The ideal temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, if it goes above it, be sure to check for cold air leaks. You can check the seals around the door, and if you can, try pulling it out to check if your seals are not working properly.

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Clean the Coils

If you own a chest freezer, you should aim to clean it out yearly to ensure it is running more efficiently. If you have a standard freezer, the condenser coil is a static condenser, which is located behind the freezer. The coils typically run up and down the back. The best way to clean it is with a vacuum or clean cloth.

There are two sets of coils in a simple freezer circuit, including the evaporator and condenser coils. These two coils are filled with gas and liquids and belong to the circuit where the compressor and expansion valve perform the job. The evaporator coil is the copper pipe that is joined to the condenser coil. It’s in a cool space and functions to absorb heat from the area. As the heat passes through the cool space, some of the heat is released into the atmosphere.

Cleaning your condenser coils regularly will keep your freezer in its best shape. Over time, the coils collect dust and debris, which impacts your appliance’s performance. When the coils are dirty, they must exert more energy to keep cool, which shortens the freezer’s lifespan causing more minor repairs to arise which in turn cause you to burn a hole in your pocket. At a minimum, your coils should be cleaned at least once a year.

Keep it Balanced

Did you know that if you keep two-thirds of your freezer filled with food, it will keep the cold air in your freezer running smoother than if your freezer were empty. The reason is that when your freezer is empty, it must continually maintain its temperature because of the escaping gases. The best method to maintain your freezer’s core temperature is to keep your deli meat, food leftovers, and fresh produce in the freezer for ease of access and to save on your energy bill.


Though it is good to keep your freezer stocked, you should not keep food there that went past its prime. It would help if you made it a habit to clean out your freezer every two or three months.

Take Care of Repairs Right Away

Inspecting your appliances regularly can help save you money in the long run because you will catch the issues early to prevent calling an appliance repair provider in Biloxi and paying more than you should because you neglected previous problems.

Defrost your freezer

If you have a chest freezer, take advantage of the manual defrost. You should ensure it defrosts any ice build-up that is a half-inch or more on the inside walls. This maintains your freezer efficiency and keeps you from losing freezer space to ice. Transfer your frozen foods to another freezer, or if you have several coolers, use them, so when it starts to thaw out, things won’t go bad.

Clean the drain hole and pan

If you have a self-defrosting freezer, you do not have to deal with defrosting your freezer manually. Still, you need to keep a watchful eye on the drain hole to make sure it is clear, so the appliance can rid itself of water doing its daily defrost cycle. To do this, unplug your freezer and search for your freezer’s drain hole, then clean out any leftover deposits and gunk that may be clogging it. Once you’re finished, you can then take a minute to wash the drain pan. We recommend doing this method every three months, so you don’t develop any clogs.


We hope these tips will help maintain your refrigerator in good running condition. Maintaining your fridge and freezer is not on top of everyone’s list, but you should add regular freezer maintenance on your schedule. In the unfortunate event that the refrigerator breaks down and requires a reliable and experienced refrigerator repair service engineer, Biloxi has many companies and professionals willing to help.

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