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Signs You Need Appliance Repair in Biloxi

Signs You Need Appliance Repair in Biloxi

If you are like many homeowners in Biloxi, you love purchasing high-quality appliances and think they are a worthwhile investment. Nevertheless, misuse and negligence over time can cause even the most durable appliances to degrade or break. Knowing the signs that your appliance may need repair is the key to preventing further damage and maybe restoring your product to its original state. Keep reading for signs to look for so you can self-diagnose if your appliance needs to be repaired.

Tip 1: Appliance Not Working

As far as apparent signs, this one takes the mark first place. If your appliance will not turn on or malfunction, this is a clear sign that repairs are needed. 

For example, if you have noticed your washer isn’t exerting water into the barrel, calling for a professional should be first on your list. Although some appliance repair jobs you can wait before calling someone. A situation, in this case, would be if your room fan is going slower than usual. There are other problems you cannot hold out on. For example, imagine that your refrigerator isn’t cooling down your food. After a day, mold will begin to build, which no one wants.

In addition to not functioning correctly, you may find that your appliances will turn on, but don’t work properly. This problem can be annoying and costly. For example, you may have to go to the laundry mat in Biloxi due to your washer not working, causing you to spend more money taking care of your clothing. 

Never ignore the need for appliance repair. The longer a problem festers lasts, the higher the cost to fix it.

washing machine light up
Tip 2: Rising Energy Bills

A rising energy bill is another indication your appliances aren’t functioning correctly if your energy costs are consistently and substantially rising higher and higher. Check your appliances, but before that rule out other potential culprits.

Once you have ruled out other causes, investigate the major appliances in your home. For example, is your oven always turned on longer than it should? If so, your oven could be the cause of high electricity costs.

Be sure to inspect your home’s air conditioner; if it is blowing too hard to cool your home or room, there is likely an issue. Your AC filter may have amassed dirt and need to be cleaned or replaced. In many situations, once you make these simple repairs, your electric costs will return to normal.

Kitchen with open lights in daylight
Tip 3: Weird Sounds

The first thing many homeowners in Biloxi notice when there is something wrong with their home appliances is the strange sounds they make. It doesn’t matter what appliance it is, or whether it is new or old. It creates a certain sound when operating, and if you begin to hear loud or unusual noises, Act.

Any new or unusual noise will require appliance repair services to inspect and diagnose the issue. If you hear a sound coming from your freezer, it could be due to the fan blade hitting something inside, which is not normal.

For your air conditioner, if you hear loud buzzing sounds, consider it an indication of an electrical problem, while clanking or rattling noises could signify a loose part or misaligned A/C.

modern kitchen appliance
Tip 4: Weird Smells Coming from Appliances

Strange smells may warrant an emergency problem. For example, a burned-out odor may indicate an electrical issue that can eventually cause a devastating fire. A stale or smelly sock odor in the air could be caused by mildew, mold, or bacteria built up inside the system. If there is a smell of a rotten egg floating in the air, it may mean there is a pest issue or even a dead animal somewhere.

For a refrigerator, the smell may be harder to detect because of the perishable items inside as the longer the problem persists, the worse and different odors it will emit. However, after you clean the refrigerator and the smell is still present, you should set up an appointment for a service call.

small kitchen
Tip 5: The Appliance Malfunction

Does your appliance turn on? If so, it is easy to think everything is fine. Nevertheless, if it isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to be, it should be checked out. Whatever professional you call in Biloxi, they will have the skills, tools, and knowledge to assess the problem further and make the needed repairs. Sometimes, the problem may be a simple broken part that needs to be replaced or a wire that needs to be reconnected.

If you have noticed that one of your appliances is not working like it used to be, don’t wait to manage it. Be sure to call a technician right away to keep the problem from getting worse. Waiting until someone gets injured or a fire occurs is not the best route to go.

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Steps for Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer

Steps for Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer

Did you know that if a Washing Machine has built up soap and fabric softener, it can lead to a moldy smell in your clothes? Making an effort to clean your washing machine and Dryer regularly improves their lifespan. Not only does a clean washer and dryer look nicer and run more efficiently (giving you cleaner clothes and saving you money on your electric bill), but they are less susceptible to dangerous safety issues. But, if you don’t pay attention, your clothes could be the one that suffers. If you use your Washing Machine frequently, we recommend cleaning it once a month or once every few months. Keep reading below for Steps to clean your Washer and Dryer.

washer insides
Washer Machine

It may seem as though a washing machine is self-cleaning, but dirt, grime and mold can collect in its cracks and crevices. As a result, a mildew smell may permeate both your washer and your clothing. The best way to ensure you are truly cleaning your clothes is to first give your washer and dryer a good cleaning.

Step 1. 

Empty your washer. Afterwards, add two cups of baking powder into the machine, and run the long, hot water cycle.

Step 2. 

Add two cups of vinegar as well as ten drops of the essential oil of your choice and then run another cycle at the hottest and largest setting.

Step 3. 

After the cycle is finished, wipe the drum and agitator with a microfiber cloth and add more vinegar. If you find stains while wiping, make a paste of baking soda, vinegar and scrub the stain.

washing blue clothes
Step 4. 

If you have a front-load washer, ensure to clean the rubber seal as well. Wipe the seal down with vinegar and essential oil.

Step 5. 

To clean the exterior of your washing machine, start by cleaning the door with a mixed solution of vinegar and water then wipe the exterior with a microfiber cloth. If you notice dirty areas, presoak the areas in an all-purpose cleaner, then scrub with a toothbrush. If the dispensing tray is dirty, soak it, then wipe it clean.

  • Leave your washer door open after every load to prevents mold and mildew growth. It also allows the leftover moisture to evaporate. If smell mildew on your laundry after you wash it, it’s likely this is why.
  • Never leave your clothes in the washer; move them to the dryer immediately to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Excess detergent will stick to your washing machine, causing odors and dulls the color of your clothes. Use small quantities, particularly if you have a high-efficiency washer.
What’s the best way to clean the Dryer?

Dryers are more complex than washing machines when it comes to cleaning. But, that not dismiss this as something not worth your time. Having a dirty Dryer increases the risk of causing fires. For example, if lint happens to touch the heating cord. It will be a very bad day so the best method would be to familiarize yourself with the manual before attempting to clean the dryer.

Step 1.

Unplug your dryer.

Step 2.

Empty the lint trap.

Step 3.

Remove the discharge hose from the back of the dryer and shake out the debris. Afterwards remove the back panel and vacuum up excess lint with the brush attachment of your vacuum.

Step 4. 

Vacuum your lint trap and if you can, try to remove part of the lint trap to get the excess dust. Afterwards, vacuum in the drum for any left behind lint.

Step 5.

Use an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe down the drum. Put back together any panels or hoses you removed.

You should clean your dryer vent every six to 12 months. However, if your dryer gets a lot of use or if you have an older machine, you may need to clean it more often. Some other indications that your vent may be clogged or need cleaning besides clothes not drying thoroughly are noticing that your dryer is hot to the touch or that there is a musty or unusual smell when you open the door, investigating the vent is a good place to start for diagnosing the problem. 

The average dryer will last for about 8 to 12 years. However, during that period you might get a number of malfunctions that could leave you with a lot of wet laundry and no way to dry it. When these problems inevitably arise, you want to fix them promptly so that those loads of laundry don’t continue to pile up.


No matter how clean you keep your washer and dryer, it’s inevitable that they will need repair at some point. If you need washer and dryer repair in Cleveland, we would be happy to accommodate. Contact Complete Appliance Service today!

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Tips for Maintaining Your Freezer in Biloxi

Tips for Maintaining Your Freezer in Biloxi

Your freezer plays a crucial role in your home. Whether it’s used to hold the Thanksgiving Turkey or to hold your frozen treats like popsicles and ice cream, this means you want to treat it right for years to come.

 Keep reading for tips for finding out what you can do to maintain this appliance and avoid calling a professional in Biloxi to fix the appliance for you.

full fridge at night
Keep it at the Right Temperature

This is the main tip to pay attention to in this article. If you want your freezer to be in service for many years, the most vital thing you must do is keep it at the right temperature. The ideal temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, if it goes above it, be sure to check for cold air leaks. You can check the seals around the door, and if you can, try pulling it out to check if your seals are not working properly.

refrigerator filled with food
Clean the Coils

If you own a chest freezer, you should aim to clean it out yearly to ensure it is running more efficiently. If you have a standard freezer, the condenser coil is a static condenser, which is located behind the freezer. The coils typically run up and down the back. The best way to clean it is with a vacuum or clean cloth.

There are two sets of coils in a simple freezer circuit, including the evaporator and condenser coils. These two coils are filled with gas and liquids and belong to the circuit where the compressor and expansion valve perform the job. The evaporator coil is the copper pipe that is joined to the condenser coil. It’s in a cool space and functions to absorb heat from the area. As the heat passes through the cool space, some of the heat is released into the atmosphere.

Cleaning your condenser coils regularly will keep your freezer in its best shape. Over time, the coils collect dust and debris, which impacts your appliance’s performance. When the coils are dirty, they must exert more energy to keep cool, which shortens the freezer’s lifespan causing more minor repairs to arise which in turn cause you to burn a hole in your pocket. At a minimum, your coils should be cleaned at least once a year.

Keep it Balanced

Did you know that if you keep two-thirds of your freezer filled with food, it will keep the cold air in your freezer running smoother than if your freezer were empty. The reason is that when your freezer is empty, it must continually maintain its temperature because of the escaping gases. The best method to maintain your freezer’s core temperature is to keep your deli meat, food leftovers, and fresh produce in the freezer for ease of access and to save on your energy bill.


Though it is good to keep your freezer stocked, you should not keep food there that went past its prime. It would help if you made it a habit to clean out your freezer every two or three months.

Take Care of Repairs Right Away

Inspecting your appliances regularly can help save you money in the long run because you will catch the issues early to prevent calling an appliance repair provider in Biloxi and paying more than you should because you neglected previous problems.

Defrost your freezer

If you have a chest freezer, take advantage of the manual defrost. You should ensure it defrosts any ice build-up that is a half-inch or more on the inside walls. This maintains your freezer efficiency and keeps you from losing freezer space to ice. Transfer your frozen foods to another freezer, or if you have several coolers, use them, so when it starts to thaw out, things won’t go bad.

Clean the drain hole and pan

If you have a self-defrosting freezer, you do not have to deal with defrosting your freezer manually. Still, you need to keep a watchful eye on the drain hole to make sure it is clear, so the appliance can rid itself of water doing its daily defrost cycle. To do this, unplug your freezer and search for your freezer’s drain hole, then clean out any leftover deposits and gunk that may be clogging it. Once you’re finished, you can then take a minute to wash the drain pan. We recommend doing this method every three months, so you don’t develop any clogs.


We hope these tips will help maintain your refrigerator in good running condition. Maintaining your fridge and freezer is not on top of everyone’s list, but you should add regular freezer maintenance on your schedule. In the unfortunate event that the refrigerator breaks down and requires a reliable and experienced refrigerator repair service engineer, Biloxi has many companies and professionals willing to help.

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Tips for Finding the Best Appliance Repair Provider in Biloxi

Tips for Finding the Best Appliance Repair Provider in Biloxi

Using your everyday appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and washing machines will eventually require servicing as it begins to age. Hopefully, it will come from a trusted appliance repair provider. But what do you look out for? What are the qualities that make a great company, or how do you find out if it’s the right thing for you? If you keep reading, below is a list of how to find out if an Appliance Repair Provider is the best fit for your job.

appliance illustrations
Search for a Trained Professional

When you are first searching for appliance repair service, quality should be the first in your list. The best way to identify their work is by checking the certificates they have earned and the training they have received. These will confirm their qualification to do the job. Furthermore, we recommend asking if they receive regular training in handling and repairing the latest appliance models.

Check for Online Reviews

Nowadays, we have the world in our hands, so using this technology to your advantage can help find the right company or professional in Biloxi for your appliance. Start by checking their online reviews. They will show you how previous customers consider the employees under the company or the professional and provide insight into their performance. This form of checking credibility is the best because the information is unbiased.

hand removing a star
Call for a Quote

Once you’ve found an appliance repair company or professional that suits your needs and has fantastic reviews and offers the repair services that you are needing, the next step before you decide to hire is to give them a call and ask them for a quote on your repairs. By calling, you can accomplish two things:

  • It allows you to get an idea of how much your repairs will cost and compare that cost with other quotes you might have received from other companies that you are considering for the job.
  • Speaking with a representative from an appliance repair company or the professional themselves, will give you an idea about the level of customer service that the company offers. Both of these things can go a long way toward helping you find the right company for the job.
Licenses and Certifications

The first rule of hiring any company or professional when choosing to do a job whatever it may be. Is to check into their licenses and certifications. An established company or professional must be certified to do their job and have established trust in the domain. Always be sure that you look through their qualifications and certifications before hiring them.

man pointing to a certificate
Pay Attention to Availability

This is more of a tip regarding requesting servicing of your appliance. It would be best if you tried to call your company or professional when you’re free to fix your appliance. If you generally work within regular working hours, it can become a hard task to find a repair service that would be able to fit in your busy schedule.

Hence, always look for an appliance repair service provider that can be flexible with their working schedule. It is best to check through the service provider and see if they can send out emergency repair services.

Time is valuable and it’s essential to have your appliances fixed fast, so you can be back to your routine as soon as possible.

Customer Care Service

Customer Service should be a top-priority for any business and if the person who communicates with you does not offer friendly service. You can base their Customer Service on how your appliance repair provider will communicates with you, which also showcases the quality of work that they provide. It sucks to have taken a day off from the office and your technician not showing up on time or even at all.

It is a waste of time and patience, but it also demonstrates the lack of value or customer value on their part. An established repair service would provide you with at least a 2-hour window to expect your technician. In which, the professional that arrive must have the required skills to fix your appliance.

Reliable Appliance Repair Services

When you are searching for an appliance repair service, you would want to count on a appliance repair provider that you can depend on to get your appliance repaired on time and at a good price. The best method is to hire the appliance repair provider with a good reputation to provide assurance that they will provide a high-quality repair and good service.

reliability writing
Ask About Warranties

When getting appliances repaired, remember first to request for the company to send the technician with a warranty for service for the job you hired the company for. You never know when the appliance might break down again. A reputable technician should provide you with warranties for the service.